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Choose your accent pieces from our collection of tables, desks, cabinets and other unusual pieces.

Drum Table

Salmon Desk

Coffee Table

A great sign-in table, cake, sweets or occasional table.

A fun desk to use for gifts, prop table for a photo booth or a sweets table.

Great for use in a seating arrangement. We also have a distressed painted coffee table with 2 matching side tables.

Hoosier Cabinet

Two Smaller Tables

Provincial Table w/inserts

This great piece would be a wonderful place to display sweets, photos or decor.

Side tables are needed for many places and these two are just a few of the tables we have.

The gentle lines of this table plus the 2 flower inserts make this a great versatile piece.

Library Table

Telephone Table

Secretary Desk

This table is great for sweets, gifts, or the head table for the bride and groom.

This small table is great for a cake table or just to display photographs or a sign.

Open this up and it becomes a great place to display photos, treats for your guests, or sign in table.

Oak Clothes Rack

Corner Shelf

Night Stand

This oak piece can be used to show off photos, clothes or use as a room divider with lace hanging inside.

Need someplace to display photos, memorabilia, flowers or delineate a space, this is the piece to do it.

This pretty piece would be a great display area or have a sign in book on it.

Metal Tea Cart

Vintage Cabinet

Folding Shelf Table

This is a great cart for putting dishes, pitchers, photos, alcohol or use your imagination.  We also have 3 wooden tea carts with a lower shelf.

This great cabinet has been repurposed for a sweets table, gift table, sign in table, drink stand, entry table or any other purpose you could envision.

Sometimes you just need a small table for flowers or memorabilia or hide a background.

Distressed Oak Dresser

This shorter piece can be used for sweets, photos, flowers, gifts, cards or use your imagination.

Turquoise Sewing Table

This cute table in a nice turquoise color becomes a great cake table, sign in table, or sweets table.

Gray Buffet

This smaller buffet is perfect for an extra surface.

Perfect for Photographers

Create your dream photo shoot with Vintage Rentals from Dusty Lilacs.

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Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!
Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!