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Enjoy your event while sitting on one of our vintage chairs, loveseats, benches or sofas.

White Sofa & Chair

Blue Chairs

Mauve Chairs

A classic white sofa and chair to allow your guests ample seating.

This lovely blue chair has been a favorite.

I have a total of 4 Mauve chairs, 2 with arms and 2 without and use them frequently for bride/groom chairs or just occasional seating.

Chair Assortment

Eastlake Loveseat

Low back Ivory Loveseat

I have an eclectic collection of all wooden chairs and some with upholstered seats.

This pretty loveseat would be great for a photoshoot, bride/groom seating or just occasional seating in a parlor setting.

A dainty loveseat for the perfect occasion.

Red Loveseat

Green Chair

Peach Chair

This pretty wooden loveseat with red cushion is versatile for extra seating.

This lovely chair compliments several of the sofa’s I have available.

A lovely addition to your seating area.

Yellow Chairs

White Wire Chairs

Ivory Loveseat

Even though different styles, they go nicely together.  The larger one would seat 2 and fun for a photo shoot.

I have 6 of these and with the white seat cushions provide extra seating for any event.

Lovely for weddings.

Rose Loveseat

White Iron Bench

Wrought Iron Loveseat

Pretty seating for many occasions.

Lovely outdoor seating that seats three.

A great outdoor loveseat, use together with the larger piece for extra seating.

Victorian Couch

Victorian Sofa

Rustic Bench

Beautiful sofa for a great seating area.

A little smaller than the Victorian couch, but blends well with many of the chairs for great seating area.

Cushions are also available for this rustic seating bench plus we have other benches to choose from.

Orange Chair

A pretty chair to add ambiance for your event.

Perfect for Photographers

Create your dream photo shoot with Vintage Rentals from Dusty Lilacs.

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Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!
Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!