Vintage Trunks, Suitcases & Crates



Something Old

We have a huge collection of suitcases in a variety of sizes and colors, Trunks in many colors & sizes as well as Wooden crates and boxes for that added touch.

Small Wood Crates

Large Wood Crates

Medium Wood Crates

We love wooden boxes and crates so have a large selection of all sizes.

These large crates are great for standing on end and putting flowers in or stacked and used as a table.

Want an assortment of colors and styles, we have them in stock.

Blue Suitcases Stack

Painted Hump Trunk

Large Flat Top Trunk

We have a huge selection of suitcases and this stack of blue is classic.

This hump trunk is great as an accessory or fill it with gifts.

We have several trunks this size to choose from so stack them for a great look.

Large Hump Trunk

Small Hump Trunk

White Hump Trunk

This trunk has an interesting pattern and add a unique look.

We have several to choose from.

Put a sign inside and open it up for gifts or quilts.

Vintage Suitcases


Whether stacking or just using as a prop we have a huge selection of colors and train case sizes.

These vintage suitcases match today’s eclectic look.

Perfect for Photographers

Create your dream photo shoot with Vintage Rentals from Dusty Lilacs.

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Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!
Dusty Lilacs Vintage Rentals. Perfect for photographers and weddings!